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Westwood Residences

Even though it is close to the city Mount Sophia offers residents a taste of the county. Muneerah Bee will further discuss this issue.
Mount Sophia was originally Altura EC known as Seligi Hill or Bukit Seligi. It was Finding Out My Condo named after Stamford Raffle’s second wife whose name was Sophia Westwood Residences EC. In colonial times the hill was known as Flint’s Hall, named after Captain William Flint. He was the Master Attendant of Singapore and lived there along with his family back in 1823. Flint married Raffles’ sister named Mary Ann. They had a daughter and named her Mary Sophia. Both of the Sophias have the hill named after them.
Mount Sophia was also the home to Eu Tong Sen who was a businessman. He had a mansion in the areas named Eu Villa.

Westwood Residences EC

In the 1880s this hill was one of the …