North South Corridor Northwave EC Hao Yuan

The North South Corridor Expressway is a proposed highway that is planned to drastically reduce the driving time from the North of Singapore to the city centre. For many commuters being on the bus services for Northwave EC to and from the city centre during rush hour is a time consuming and frustrating nightmare. The plan is for the North South Corridor Expressway to significantly reduce traveling times and the stress of commuting through rush hour near Singapore American School and Innova Junior College, and will mean people get to work, or return home sooner than is presently the case. There is also a plan to have a cycle lane beside the expressway.

Northsouth Highway Northwave EC

Currently the time it takes to reach the city centre by bus puts some people of using it, they may catch the MRT or use their cars. However the projected expressway will be 21.5 km long and will allow buses near Sembawang Shopping Centre Canberra Community Centre to travel faster to and from the city centre. It is estimated that the completed scheme will shave half Orchard Boulevard Condo an hour off the journey time even during rush hour. The hope is that the completion of the expressway will tempt more people to use the bus services near northwave woodlands hao yuan, reducing the number of cars driving into and out of the city. The main problem with the new expressway is that it is not scheduled to be completed until 2026. So it is delayed good news for the commuters of Singapore. The opening of this highway cannot come soon enough for many commuters.

Northwave EC Woodlands Singapore

It is a concept that proved popular on Singapore itself, with commuters looking forward to spending less time traveling whilst starting work sooner or getting home earlier each night. The construction of the expressway is a major investment in improving the transport infrastructure of the island. Spending less time traveling during rush hour has got to be a bonus in anyone’s eyes.

Author: kensingtonissquare