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Singapore’s landlords are faced with bad luck currently, and they can blame builders for it. The market is already faced with a slump, and while developers continue to introduce more property, the landlord’s misery keeps on increasing.
In the last year, the largest office real estate investment trusts in the city – Suntec, CapitaLand Commercial and Keppel Reit- have lost between 24 to 30 per cent of their Ikea Alexandra investors.

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Without them, and the median return on Reits approximately $1 billion market value, the market property has seen a 10 per cent drop globally as indicated by data from Bloomberg. Keppel Reit and CapitaLand Commercial are set to report earning this week, after which they plan to offer dividend yields starting from 6.5 per cent to 736 per cent. This is a considerable premium on the 2.4 per cent yield charged on the ten year Singapore government bonds. However, investors for Crescent Girl’s School condo are still wary of the market.

The residential market is also on a down ward trend. Prices for Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) Condos have dropped down by 8.4 per cent in the last two years. The drop was occasioned by government policies meant to reduce speculation and safeguard the Singaporean households from going further into debt. The government is expected to introduce measures to prevent further drops in Queensway Shopping Centre condo price, however. Fundamental speculations, however, plague the office market. Through misplaced optimism in China’s ability to sustain a growing economy, Singapore’s developers observed a 9 per cent drop every year.

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They saw Reit’s continued development of glass-and-chrome towers as a sign of increased demand instead of a desperate search for investor yields in queenstown mrt condo. The city’s tallest office tower is set to open this year, despite the frail market conditions. The single project will yield 38 stories of prime office space at hy realty condo, but the question is where tenants are going to come from. The banking industry is still recovering, with Barclays set to reduce its Asian footprint.

As things stand, 20 major foreign banks in Singapore’s capital city occupy more htan550, 000 square feet of office space. There are 7.4 million square feet in development which will be launched on the market in 2016. Jones Lang LaSalle, a property researcher, expects the new space to result in a further 20 per cent price drop this year for HY Realty Dundee Condo.

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Currently, the search for profit in the country’s office market is well over. The cost of borrowing is skyrocketing, with the central bank looking for value in highly leveraged purchases. Given that Reit has a 45 per cent borrowing handicap on its assets, there is not much room for investing in buying a cheap property from developers.
The government is expected to step in given that 90 per cent of Singapore’s population owns a private home. However, offices are not a top priority since with more spaces available the cost of doing business will be cheap.