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Private Home Prices are Expected to Drop 5 to 15 Percent During 2016 and 2017
OCBC Investment Research stated that it expects the private home prices to go down 5 to 15 percent over the next two years. Analyst, Eli Lee has reported that residential rents may from 8 to 15 percent over the next two years. He pointed out the three key reasons that the domestic residential prices will change so much over the next two years.

First, there is an oversupply of housing, which can increase vacancy rates. Next, floating mortgage rates will rise along with interest rates. This will affect housing and rental affordability. Finally, curb reversals after the price declines will reach the double digits beginning in 2016.
During the first 11 months of the year, 7,380 private homes were sold. For all of 2015, consultants are estimating that sales stay around 7,500. This is very close to the 7,557 that were sold in 2014.

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For 2016, is is estimated that 6,000 to 9,000 private homes will be sold.
The seller’s stamp duty (SSD) and the additional buyer’s stamp duty (ABSD) that was imposed in 2010 and 2011 may actually have a strong impact on the high end housing.

The value of property that is auctioned off has reached a 5 year high of $102.27 million. However, the number of sales have not increased. While the number of sales this year are the same as the last, the total value has increased by 41 percent. Residential homes have dominated the listings, and 26 homes were put up for auction. Also, the auction market has been very quiet, with sales plunging 76 percent and only four properties have been sold this quarter. There were only four properties that have been sold this quarter, this is down from the 12 that were sold last quarter. Three properties were sold as mortgage sales, two were residential properties and one was an industrial property.

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Aside from 2013, the number of properties that were put up for action since 2009 was much higher than the number of industrial and commercial sites. In 2013, residential real estate made up 46 percent of all listings. Qingjian Realty Inz Residence will be available for viewing soon. It is located near to Choa Chu Kang MRT Station.
In the last two years, there has been a significant increase in the number of mortgage properties that made up a portion of auction sales.

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Because there are increases in interest rates for Inz Residences EC and softening of the rental market expected, the chances that mortgage sales will go up in 2016 is expected. Residential properties are expected to make up the majority of these. According to an analyst, auctions are going to be seen as a way to get a good property at a great price, despite the marginal, general decline in price.

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Alexandra View Condo

When economists were surveyed about the economic prospects for Singapore in 2016 all 22 of them predicted slightly higher economic growth rates in Tang Skyline Redhill Condo than have been achieved in 2015. The survey was carried out by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

In recent years it is not only the building sector within the Singapore economy that has been suffering. At present the industrial sector has been hit the hardest as many countries that it exports to have gone through hard times and ordered a great deal less from the factories of Singapore over several years in Tang Skyline Alexandra View Condo.

Fastest Growth in Redhill Condo

Whilst manufacturing represents 20 % of the Singapore economy it is estimated that this sector shrank by 4.7 % during 2015, which was worse than the predicted decline of 2.7 %.

Despite the depressed state of the construction and manufacturing sectors the economic experts have predicted a 2.2 % growth rate for the whole of 2016, 0.2 % higher than the growth predicted for this year.

That growth rate was predicted on the basis that the Singapore economy for Redhill Tang Group of Companies Condo will be boosted by increased exports to other countries. The experts are anticipating that trade with China in particular will pick up during 2016. Should other economies also have higher growth rates such as Japan and the United States that could potentially assist growth in Singapore too. That is the prediction of CIMB Private Bank Economist Song Seng Wun.

Redhill Tang Group of Companies Condo

Effectively Redhill Condo financial service, insurance, as well as wholesale are the sectors with the highest growth rates of 6%. Without that the Singapore economy would be in trouble.

However the factories in Singapore have generally stock piled their goods as demand has not been as high as normal either at home or abroad. This means that these factories are producing less new goods and hoping that business picks up soon. If that does not happen than decline instead of growth will happen in the industrial sector in Redhill MRT Condo. This is according to Mr Leong of Barclays.

So far this year Singapore has not benefited from the Christmas / Festive affect as much as it does in most years. Should prove to be the case than economic growth will have been weaker than it was expected.

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Lake Grande

Mr. Lim pointed out that, even though there was an increase in prices for August, the 0.2% increase was only a slight one. Adding to this is the fact that the rise was driven by just one sector geographically, the RCR, or Rest of Central Region for Lake Grande. The other sectors reported a decrease in prices. A truer sign of a recovery in the market would be to see pricing increases across the whole board but Mr, Lim felt that this was not likely to happen for Jurong West Street 41 MCL Condo.

Because of the tenure of land, freehold homes are generally preferable to customers within the open-market as when compared with lease hold properties. Having said that, the relatively high asking purchase prices of such freehold properties could certainly have brought about a rise within the number being put up for auction for New Condo at Jurong West,”

Jurong West Street 41 Condo

Data from SRX showed that RCR, or city fringe, prices saw a rise of 1.8% from the month before, while in the city centre, of Core Central Region, a drop of 0.5% was seen for sales in mcl jurong condo. In the suburbs, or Outside Central Region, a dip of 0.2% was recorded.

Transport to other regions of Singapore is likewise make fairly much easier because of the new transport options available such as a new integrated bus interchange and also roads that is cyclist friendly in an attempt to enhance a healthier and active lifestlye for the residents. In addition, with all the aging population issues in Lakeside MRT Condo, plans includes a local healthcare facility in the estate.

Lake Grande Condo Preview Date

Along at the release of Northpoint , Group CEO of Frasers Centrepoint Lim Ee Seng said, “Homeowners at North Park Residences won’t only get to enjoy the lifestyle possibilities along with superb benefits that Northpoint City delivers for MCL Lakeside MRT, they’re going to also benefit from what Nee Soon provides.

Lee explained.Regarding total sales, the volume of homes successfully sold off rose to 10 throughout the third quarter from nine in the preceding period. Particularly, 5 belonged under owner’s sale, translating towards a rate of success of 6.8 percent because there were 73 real estate offered in this Lake Grande portion. Relatively, only two properties out of 70 were purchased this section in Q2 2014.

Lakeside MRT Jurong West Condo MCL Lakeside MRT

Mr. Lim continues that, in comparison to July, last month’s volume in resale units dropped by 16.8%. But this decrease was an expected one with August coinciding with the looming Hungry Ghost Festival. Some buyers of Jurong West Street 41 MCL Condo prefer not to make purchases during this period, which they feel is an inauspicious time.

Some examples are good academic institutions, recently upgraded recreational areas, advanced medical facilities plus an plentiful of entertaining clubs and amenities for Jurong West transport options. The present steps by the HDB to enhance Yishun into a much more dynamic residing space for elderly residents in the local community resulted in different programs rolling out to completely transform Nee Soon.

There’ll be numerous establishments in Bidadari estate which is to be develop over the following few years for New Condo at Jurong West. Some of the blueprints and plans include a new shopping mall right next to the existing Woodleigh MRT Station. There will additionally be brand-new temples & places of worship to add to the housing estate abundant historical background.

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High Park Residences

It seems that things are also heating up in the local condo scene as a result of healthier economic growth. CBRE Cambodia recorded, in 2009, a total figure of 178 condo units in Phnom Penh. By 2014 however, this number shot up to 2,095 High Park Residences condo units with a large amount of investors recording capital gains well over 5% per year as well as over 6% per year on rental returns.

Associate Director of CBRE Cambodia, Simon Griffiths, stated that international developers and investors alike are continuing to do very well in Cambodia, with the support of foreign ownership laws that are quite favourable, and the benefits of the continued strong growth in Cambodia.

Fernvale Condo High Park Residences

May 24th of 2010 saw the implementation of Cambodia’s “Law on the Provision of Ownership Rights over co-owned Buildings to Foreigners”. Since then, foreigners were able to acquire above ground floor apartments to a maximum of 70% of all units for anyone co-owned building. Co-ownership is a term used for the ownership of lots that are shared with common ownership. This is quite similar to the reference in common law to Strata High Park Residences Title, where foreigners are allowed to own units in co-owned buildings above the grounds floor.

Axis Residences was created to draw foreign ownership in with its units located above the ground floor.

Managing Director of CBRE Realty Associates, Leong Boon Hoe, has stated that he has confidence that Axis Residences will be received well by Singaporean investors in High Park CEL due to the quality of the project, which is comparable to Singapore’s good class standard of condos.

High Park Sengkang CEL Development

Hoe further adds that Axis Residences symbolizes great value. Boosting the rentability of the units are the condominium’s location, which is within an enclave that is geared for high end landed living and its good proximity from High Park Residences CEL to prime international schools.

Add to this the potential for capital growth, many investors will be drawn to this city. A 5% to 7% rate of growth on rental returns has been recorded for condominium in Phnom Penh, and investors have achieved capital growth figures of 5% to 7.5% per year on condo investments.

Backing these figures is an infrastructure and culture of strong support that supports foreign business, investment, and real estate ownership.

With such a strong turnout at the seminars we can see that discerning Singaporeans and foreigner investors alike are turning an eye to this newly emerging market. The positive take up is a reflection of the confidence levels that investors now have regarding long term growth in Cambodia, with their willingness to jump into positions early on for High Park Residences.

High Park Residences

Based on the current rate of exchange, the prices for Axis Residences begins at $1,236US per square metre, which is the equivalent to $1,680S per square metre.

Another chance to learn about Axis Residences took place on during the weekend of May 1st to 3rd for Singapore overseas investors and property buyers with a sales exhibition at Singapore’s Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel in the Lengkuas Room.

The Vales

Fascinatingly to get noticable is the fact that intended for The Vales Sengkang prospective buyers which are searching just for real estate properties, There are actually indeed a great number of unsold developer The Vales Sengkang units in the location hence a number of buyers are mindful when looking for a unit within the condo. This has caused several home buyers in order to request for special discounts from the real estate developers to decrease the selling prices of the units.

The Vales Sengkang

Eugene Lim, Key Executive Officer at ERA is expecting rents to lower another five to six percent drop by year end. Nicholas Mak, Research Head at SLP International anticipates a four to six%. For the longer term, Christine Li, Research Head at OrangeTee, is anticipating a small drop near 10% by 2015.

The Vales

Lee explained. With regards to total sales for The Vales Sengkang, the volume of properties successfully auctioned off increased to 10 during the third quarter from nine in the previous period. Specifically, five belonged under owner’s sale, translating to a rate of success of 6.8 percent as there were 73 residences offered within this segment. Comparatively, only two homes out of 70 had been sold in this section in Q2 2014.

Vales EC Anchorvale Crescent

Real estate agents attribute the problem to less than normal need because of lack of tenants for The Vales. The truth is, landlords currently have cut down rent to be able to contend for tenants, where the statistics are already limited as a result of lower foreign workforce.

Sellers now are more than willing to negotiate, it said. Significantly, high end residences are actually hardest hit because of the government’s numerous house cooling steps, along with purchase prices dropping for 6 continuous quarters. Within the 3rd quarter of 2014, high end house selling prices fell 0.9 % quarter-on-quarter, carrying out a 1.5 percent drop in Q2 2014. Meanwhile, just one condo had been sold in Sentosa Cove in H1 2014, further showcasing deficiency of revenue in the high-end house segment for The Vales Sengkang.

Anchorvale Crescent The Vales

Due to their tenure of the land, freehold houses are often more attractive to customers within the open resale market as as opposed to leasehold real estate. Then again, the somewhat high asking selling prices of such freehold properties could very well have brought about a growth within the quantity being put up for auction in The Vales Sengkang,”

Also, property developers have previously enjoyed the profits inside the residential property price increase from the previous property cycles. Chia said, “With the handsome revenue made in the boom periods, many of them have the financial capacity to safeguard present-day price levels or else offer moderate discounts.

Potential buyers are quite alert to the current downtrend in purchase prices and also they avoid making private condominium at this moment, in expectations of lower asking prices within the in the vicinity of term.”